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Secretary- How to record minutes


How to record minutes following a sample agenda:
CALL TO ORDER (on time)The president stands, raps gavel once and calls the meeting to order. The meeting will please come to order”       
READING/APPROVAL OF MINUTES With approval of the group, the minutes may be assigned to a committee for approval or




No Motion Needed “The secretary has presented/posted the minutes of the______ meeting. Are there any corrections?” (Omissions and additions are also corrections.) “The minutes stand approved as presented.” or “The minutes stand approved as corrected.”


(treasurer, financial secretary, budget and finance chairman)

NO MOTION NEEDED“________will present the treasurer’s report.”

“You have heard the report of the treasurer. Are

there any questions?”

“The report will be filed for the auditor.”

AUDIT REPORT (semi-annual) MOTION REQUIRED TO ADOPT AUDIT“It has been moved and seconded that the

audit report be adopted.”

(follow steps for a motion)

PRESENTATION OF BILLS Since approval of budget does not authorize expenditure of funds, BILLS MUST BE PRESENTED AND THEIR PAYMENT VOTED UPON. Bills are itemized in the minutes as to amount, payee, and purpose.) MOTION REQUIRED TO PAY BILLS “The treasurer will read the bills.” “It has been moved and seconded that the bills be paid.” (follow steps for a motion.)
COMMUNICATIONSCommunications are read by (corresponding) secretary and, if action is required, may be acted upon as read. “The (corresponding) secretary will read the communications.”
REPORT OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARD(for association meetings) A summary report (not the minutes) is read for the information of the members. Recommendations are voted upon one at a time, the secretary moving the adoption of any of the recommendations. MOTION IS REQUIRED BUT NO SECOND IS NEEDED WHEN A MOTION COMES FROM A


“The secretary will present the report of the

executive board.”

“You have heard the recommendations.”

(follow steps for a motion)

REPORTS OF COMMITTEESPresident calls for the “report of the “committee”, not the “chairman’s report”. Person making the report moves the adoption of any recommendations.

___________ will present the report of the


“Are there any questions regarding the

report? If not, the report will be filed.” or

“You have heard the recommendations.”

(follow steps of a motion.)

UNFINISHED BUSINESSPresident presents each item of unfinished business. (The president does not ask “is there any unfinished business?”

The first item of unfinished business is _________________________________”
NEW BUSINESSA motion is necessary before discussion and vote on any new business. “The first item of new business is _________________________________”
PROGRAMThe president introduces the chairman to present the program. “_____________will present the program.”
ANNOUNCEMENTSDate of next meeting and important activities should be announced. If there is a social time following the meeting, this should be announced. “Are there any announcements?”  Examples: “The next meeting will be ____”

“Refreshments will be served.”


ADJOURNMENTPresident raps gavel once. “The meeting is adjourned.”


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