Report of the nominating committee 2013

Nominating Committee Report


The 31st District PTSA Nominating Committee presents the following slate of members who have been nominated to serve on the Board of Directors for the year 2013-2015.


President :                                                                      No Candidate

Executive Vice President :                                           Colleen Ross

1st Vice President-Director of Leadership:                 No Candidate

2nd Vice President-Director of Membership &  Organization :        Linda Ross

3rd Vice President-Director of Community Concerns/Health:             Jill Adams

4th Vice President-Director of Education/Parent Involvement :           Heidi Brewington

Secretary:      Cathlin Hidalgo-Polvani

Treasurer :           Yvette Core

2013 Nominating Committee Members


Sandy Gilman, Chairman                        Kim Mahaffey

Yvette Core                                               Colleen Ross

Ellen Eckard                                             Linda Ross

Cathlin Hidalgo-Polvani

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