Jul 252017

Member Perks

Join PTA Today to save money on special offers. Open attachment for more information Members perk 2018 Members perk Spanish 2018

Feb 102017

Register your Ralphs rewards card today!

                                                                                                                                                           Did you know that if you have a Ralphs card you could help the 31st District PTA earn some money? All you have to do is register your Ralphs card online. By doing…Continue Reading

Feb 012017

Mary Lou Anderson Art Grant

  Mary Lou Anderson Grant www.pta.org (search Mary Lou Anderson Grant) Enhance PTA arts projects in your school community! The National PTA Mary Lou Anderson Reflections Arts Enhancement Grant provides up to $1,000 in matching funds to…Continue Reading

Jan 262017

Founders Day

“COME TO MARDI GRAS” ASSOCIATION MEETING/ FOUNDERS DAY TUESDAY, MARCH 21, 2017, 6:00P.M Please Open the attachment for more information Founders Day Flyer Dia de los fundadores